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A dub is a wheel or rim that is 20" in size (The term "dub" was derived as a slang term for twenty, from "double dime" or two tens.) Some can be chrome or polished aluminum-alloy. "Dub two"'s are 22" wheels or rims styled similar to standard "dubs". "Dub fo"'s are 24" wheels or rims styled similar to "Dub two"'s" or standard "dubs". "Dub Sixes are 26" wheels. Two Eights or 28" Wheels are now also being produced. Rims that are below 20 inches in diameter are aptly referred to as "sub-dubs".
In recent years, the term "Dub two"'s has been replaced with the terms "dub deuces" and "double deuces".
DUB, a popular magazine franchise, takes its name from the term, and as a result covers material pertaining to (chiefly urban) vehicles and the people that own them. The magazine features many celebrities and their vehicles, and has recently teamed with Rockstar Games to make the third and latest edition of the Midnight Club racing video game series.

Daat Dub Wheels
Daat Dub Wheels Daat Wheels - Elegance and exquisite describes Datt Wheels. Truck Wheels or Car wheels Daat has the perfect Wheel. From 17 inc all the way to a 24 inch Beast of a Wheel! Excellent quality top of the line wheels from Daat Wheels.
Giovanna Dub Wheels
Giovanna Dub Wheels We Bring you the Giovanna barletta wheel at deep discount prices. We proudly offer the Giovanna barletta rim as a member of our 2004 wheel lineup. We are a powerful and true leader in custom wheel distributors and pride ourselves on customer service. There is a reason that we are the largest distributor of custom wheels and discount tires in the nation and we like to think that customer service has a something to do with it. We are here and readily available to help you with your wheel and tire purchase.
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